1. 12:31 20th Aug 2009

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    i used to shun and dislike other women in general because i had internalized that women were weak, cowardly, and stupid, and i didn’t want to be like them. i didn’t even want to be associated with them. i wanted to be tough and smart like the men in my family. my family never told me women were inferior. i absorbed it from the culture. i surrounded myself with men and my only friendships were with men. in my culture, women shouldn’t be hanging around with unrelated men, but i preferred to take shit for that than to take shit for being a “typical woman”. it took a lot of reeducation to unbrainwash myself.

    I did the same thing in my teen years.  And it wasn’t even feminism that took me out of it but a job I got at Bath and Body Works.  I worked with all women and suddenly I saw how many there were “like me”.  I thought it was an aberration for a time and then I started making friends online and suddenly there were more “like me” (not like those crazy emotional prissy too-feminine OTHER women).  But this too I figured was an aberration.  And then, somewhere in there over the years of blogging with a feminist lens and reading the pieces of others I realized that I’d been duped.

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      this was me when i was young- I’d always wanted to be a tomboy, took pride in that more than I did being a girl. I...
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      I used to have all male friends. And, honestly, I thought it made me “cool” or something. I thought all of the girls at...
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      The strikethru made me laugh. Hard.
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      heh. i posted it because i randomly remembered a certain comment i saw a couple years ago on feministing pretty much...
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      I beat women with a stick. Does that make me a bad feminist? *worried*
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      I love Woody Allen movies. Not all of them (Mighty Aphrodite? what is that shit?), but Annie Hall! Bananas! Love and...
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      … I watch Gossip Girl …
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      I love paranormal romance vampire novels, even though the plots tend to be horribly regressive and based on “virginal...