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    Well we all know why this didnt get national coverage.





    White youth ‘kill and try to dismember’ two black males in a trap at their residence and are arrested as they play video games near the dead bodies

    In Joliet, Illinois, the bodies of two black males were found in the residence of a Racist Suspect, while three of the accused murderers play video games near the crime scene. The victims were strangled to death and their bodies showed signs of attempted dismemberment.  Enforcement officials say the brutal crime was at the hands of four white youth.  They also have reported that the Victims may have been lured to the residence of Alisa Massaro, Racist/murder Suspect, and then “robbed and killed”.  The Victims were missing for two days before they were found.

    Suspected Racist enforcement officials attempt to dismiss the role Racism (White Supremacy) may have played in the heinous crime.  Charles Pelkie, spokesman for the Will county State’s Attorney office said there was “…no information at this point that indicates race was a factor in the killings of Glover and Rankins.”

    Racism (White Supremacy) is the dominant social order on the planet.  Therefore, Race always has something to do with the experiences of people who are classified as black/non-white, particularly if that experience involves mistreatment inflicted upon them by people who classify themselves as “white” who in all likelihood may very well be Racists (White Supremacists).

    i will fear all white girls and white boys

    there are no differences to me

    I live in Chicago and literally the only people outraged by this are black people. 

    All the white people I hear talking about this say “Well it must be a drug/gang thing” and nothing else.

    TW:graphic description of murder.

    dude w the facial scruff looks familiar..

    cant even

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